What is a "Handy Chap"? Disposable Pant Protection

You may think a Handy Chap is a strapping young fellow who can fix your sink or build you a nice cabinet. And you may be correct, however, in our case the Original Handy Chaps are a clothing protection product used to protect your pants while doing your job.

Handy Chaps were invented over 30 years ago when our founder, Dave, saw a need for protection for his pants while he was working in the construction industry in Mississippi. 

He noticed he was taping rags to his pants to protect them from getting dirty because he kept breaking washing machines. The name Handy Chap came because our product is shaped and is used much like a chap cowboys wear, and it is obviously very handy.

Not only does getting your pants dirty while working ruin your pants, it can also dirty your vehicle and ruin your washer and dryer. 

Handy Chaps are designed for basically anyone who gets their pants dirty while working. This can include construction workers, drywallers, painters, mechanics, gardeners and the master DIY'er (or even more so if you're not a master DIY'er - we're looking at you Sarah!). 

Pick up a pair of Handy Chaps today and see what a difference just a simple product can make in your everyday life. We promise you won't regret it.