Ever gotten your pants dirty?

Of course you have.

Handy Chaps are your new best friend, apprentice, and pant saver.

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where can i find handy chaps?

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About Us

Introducing the ultimate solution to keeping your pants clean while working - Handy Chaps! A revolutionary disposable pant protection product that has been designed to protect the thigh portion of your pants. Whether you're caulking, painting or drywalling, Handy Chaps have got you covered.

Our unique and patent pending design offers maximum flexibility and protection, allowing you to move with ease while keeping your pants pristine. No more worrying about dirtying your vehicle or ruining your washing machine. Simply strap on Handy Chaps, get to work and throw them away once you're done.

With over 30 years of experience, Handy Chaps are the original and trusted brand in clothing protection. Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, our product offers a hassle-free and stress-free solution to keeping your pants clean. Don't let dirt and paint ruin your favorite pants ever again - try Handy Chaps today!

Key Handy Chaps Features:

Introducing Handy Chaps - the revolutionary workwear that will change the way you work! Our chaps feature a unique absorbent front with a polypropylene backing that captures debris and prevents it from seeping through to your clothes. With adjustable straps, you can customize the fit for maximum comfort. Our chaps are available in three sizes to accommodate workers of all shapes and sizes.

But what really sets Handy Chaps apart is their innovative design. Unlike traditional aprons, our chaps provide increased flexibility and agility so you can move freely while working. And when you're done, simply toss them in the trash and strap on a fresh pair for your next job.

Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, Handy Chaps are the perfect solution for messy jobs. So why settle for ordinary workwear when you can upgrade to the ultimate in convenience and performance? Try Handy Chaps today and experience the difference for yourself!






Don't Be This Guy.

Seriously how has no one thought of these before?!

I got these for my DIY paint project at my house, but I know I'll use them everywhere - painting, gardening and grilling!

Handy Chaps are a game changer. Never before have I gotten in my truck after a job and not gotten crap everywhere. I'll use these on every job now.

Wipe off your hands

don't wipe out

your pants!

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