Ever gotten your pants dirty?

Of course you have.

Handy Chaps are your new best friend, apprentice, and pant saver.

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where can i find handy chaps?

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About Us

Ever gotten your pants dirty while working? Handy Chaps are a disposable pant protection product that protect the thigh portion of your pants. Especially useful for caulking, painting and drywalling, Handy Chaps can be used for when you don't want to distroy your pants, get paint in your vehicle and then mess up your washing machine.

The original Handy Chaps were invented over 30 years ago. Handy Chaps are a clothing protection product used to protect the thigh portion of your pants.  Our patent pending design allows for flexibility while moving, all while protecting your pants from disaster. Strap your Handy Chaps on, go to work and simply throw them away when you're done. No more worrying about getting your vehicle dirty after a long day's work or worse, ruining your favorite pair of pants! Perfect for the professional or professional DIY'er.

Key Handy Chaps Features:

Absorbent front with polypropylene backing ensures debris sticks to the chap, without seeping through to clothing.

Adjustable straps allows for a comfortable and custom fit. Available in three sizes.

Chap like design allows for more flexibility and agility while working compared to a traditional apron.

Handy Chaps are disposable; toss them when you're done and strap on a new pair next time.






Don't Be This Guy.

Seriously how has no one thought of these before?!

I got these for my DIY paint project at my house, but I know I'll use them everywhere - painting, gardening and grilling!

Handy Chaps are a game changer. Never before have I gotten in my truck after a job and not gotten crap everywhere. I'll use these on every job now.

Wipe off your hands

don't wipe out

your pants!

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